Like all countries of the Sahel zone, Senegal and Gambia are subject to the dramatic consequences of climate change, too. Precipitation, which is low already, will continue to decrease due to man-made global warming. What is more, clearings to produce firewood and gain farmland and grazing land cause forests and the tree population to decrease. Both together lead to a massive change for the worse of soil and thus to the destruction of the population's livelihood, to poverty and emigration.
It is essential to act quickly to be able to reverse this trend! Tree plantings contribute to stopping soil degradation and the advancing desertification. The planting of fruit trees additionally benefits the population, as they can use and sell the fruit.

The project "Trees for the future" is implemented by Naturefriends Senegal in close cooperation with Naturefriends Gambia. In the region spanning from Koungheul (Senegal) to Janjanbureh (Gambia), a total of 900 fruit trees will be planted in several villages and protected from grazing animals by fences; families and schools will then take care of the trees.

Women will have a key role in this project, as they traditionally assume diverse responsibilities in agriculture, livestock farming and in the house and family. A workshop of several sessions will be organised for women only where knowledge will be imparted, but where there will also be a lot of room for mutual exchange, for reflections on the role of women in agriculture and for common development of strategies to improve the living conditions in the villages.

Objectives of the project:

  • Sustainable care of the planted tree population by locals
  • Awareness-raising of the population in the project region with regard to the consequences of unsustainable agriculture
  • Empowering women, amongst others through imparting knowledge on the care of trees and the processing and marketing of fruit


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Project goal: 6680,0 €


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