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Plane trips

This table can serve as orientation to calculate the amount of your personal contribution to compensate for greenhouse gas emissions caused by plane trips. For reasons of simplicity, four categories are suggested - further personal donations are very welcome, of course!


Distance (round trip) about …



Short haul*

2.800 km

Vienna – London, Berlin – Paris, Brussels – Rome

20 euros

Medium haul

9.500 km

Europe –Senegal/Togo, Europe – Canary Islands

68 euros

Transcontinental 1

14.500 km

Europe – South Africa, Europe – New York City

105 euros

Transcontinental 2

34.000 km

Europe – South America, Europe – Australia

245 euros

* For journeys of less than 800 kilometres (per trip), plane trips ought to be avoided if possible.


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Car trips:

For car trips, the amount of 5 euros per 1,000 kilometres and vehicle is suggested.

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