The Naturefriends network


Solidarity as the basis for a better future


Ever since the foundation of the movement more than 120 years ago, Naturefriends have been committed to sustainable and just development of the environment and society. Solidarity is a key value in these endeavours, and it is brought to life in numerous local, national and international activities.

The Naturefriends family also includes a number of African organisations which are actively committed to sustainable development, protection of nature and the environment and social issues. For these organisations, networking and exchange with European Naturefriends organisations can help them to gain a strengthened position in their own country and increased awareness for the concerns of the Naturefriends movement. Over the years, a large number of joint initiatives and projects have been established within North-South partnerships. Naturefriends France and Germany have taken an important leading role and have initiated partnership projects in many African countries. The partners have the possibility of networking, supporting each other and learning from one another. Journeys to African countries such as Senegal, Togo and Gambia are organised together and enable Naturefriends to get to know each other.