Trees for the future

Senegal/The Gambia
Treeplanting Project

Like all countries of the Sahel zone, Senegal and The Gambia are subject to the dramatic consequences of climate change, too. Precipitation, which is low already, will continue to decrease due to man-made global warming. What is more, clearings to produce firewood and gain farmland and grazing land cause forests and the tree population to decrease. Both together lead to a massive change for the worse of soil and thus to the destruction of the population's livelihood, to poverty and emigration.

The project "Trees for the future" was implemented by Naturefriends Senegal in close cooperation with regional stakeholders. In the beginning of 2018, 2,000 fruit trees have been planted in four villages in the region spanning from Koungheul (Senegal) to Janjanbureh (The Gambia). The trees have been handed over into the care of the local population and protected from grazing animals.

The project team of Naturefriends Senegal visited the villages before the plantings, and informed the locals about the project and necessary tree care. So far, local people participated with great commitment. About three months after the plantings took place the project team has visited the villages once more to look at the trees and talk to local people: What do the trees need, when can the first fruits be harvested, how can we process and sell the fruit?

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Especially the women from the villages, who traditionally are responsible for gardening, were very interested and look forward to harvesting the first fruits. For them, selling the fruit will be an important possibility to contribute to the family income.

The project "Trees for the future" was implemented in 2018 with your donations of 6680€!