Owner und Publisher: 
Naturefriends International
Viktoriagasse 6/1
A-1150 Wien
Tel: +43 1 8923877
ZVR-Zahl: 672461383

Conception & implementation:
Naturfriends Internationale

Purpose and Activities of the Organisation according to article 4 of the constitution:

  • To organise international meetings for the purpose of exchanging information and of preparing projects and campaigns designed to strengthen awareness of sustainability.
  • To run projects, campaigns, seminars and events designed to advance the objectives pursued by International Friends of Nature and its member organisations.
  • To contribute to the conservation of environment, nature and landscapes and to sustainable regional development worldwide.
  • To help promote gentle tourism and sustainable regional development.
  • To support social and cultural activities of member organisations. 
  • To represent the interests of member organisations in the areas of social, development and environment policies at the European and the international level. 
  • To issue publications.
  • To support and assist in the establishment and upgrading of Friends-of-Nature houses, holiday homes and camp sites.
  • To promote Friends-of-Nature youth organisations and groups.