Naturefriends International

The Naturefriends movement was founded in 1895 and ranks amongst the largest non-governmental organisations around the globe. Our 350,000 members are active in local groups/sections and are represented by regional, federal and national associations. 

Naturefriends International (NFI) is the umbrella organisation of approximately 45 national member organisations and is itself member of the Green 10, a platform of the ten largest European environmental NGOs. 

Internationally, ecologically and socially minded! 

Naturefriends are a democratically organised movement that is committed to ecological and sociopolitical causes. The aim of our activities is sustainable development of the environment and the society at the regional, national and global level. 

We stand for:  

  • Environmentally and socially just tourism and leisure-time activities  
  • Protection of our natural and cultural heritages
  • Internationality and solidarity

Naturefriends in Africa 

Naturefriends are active in 16 African countries by now. The focus of their activities is on specific measures against the consequences of climate change. These measures are implemented together with the local population. One example is the plantation of orchards, which improve the living conditions in villages in several ways: the fruit can be used by the families themselves; when producing more than they need, they can sell it. As it is often the women who are responsible for the care of the trees, harvesting and selling the fruit, the role of women is strengthened in the village community. Additionally, the trees help to conserve valuable soil and stop desertification. 

Karte der Naturfreuneorganisationen in Afrika