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Naturefriends International
Viktoriagasse 6
A-1150 Vienna
Tel: +43 1 8923877
ZVR-Zahl: 672461383

Purpose and Activities of the Organisation according to article 4 of the constitution: 

According to its statutes, the organisation shall exclusively and directly pursue charitable objectives in order to achieve the above-stated aims of the organisation; to that purpose, it engages in the following non-profit activities: 

  • Organisation of international meetings for the purpose of exchanging information and preparing projects and campaigns designed to strengthen awareness of sustainability.  
  • Implementation of projects, campaigns, seminars, and events designed to advance the objectives pursued by Naturefriends International and its members.  
  • Contribution to the conservation of environment, nature, and landscapes and to sustainable development and development cooperation.  
  • Contribution to the promotion of sustainable tourism accessible for all people and to sustainable regional development.  
  • Support of social and cultural activities of members.  
  • Representation of the interests of members in the areas of social, development and environmental policies at the European and the international level.  
  • Issuing of publications (in print and online), design of a website.  
  • Acquisition of financing and funding schemes for activities to implement the aims of Naturefriends International and its members.  
  • In order to effectuate the above-mentioned objectives, Naturefriends International can set up holding companies.  
  • Promotion of Naturefriends youth organisations. 

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Accountability for content 

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