10 reasons for your donation

1) Climate fund projects make it possible to compensate for your ecological footprint

Most people in the global North lead a comparatively good life – but at the expense of the environment and of the people in the global South. The ecological footprint of people in Europe is larger than our world can bear – for example, it would take about three Earths to provide for the entire world population with the average German lifestyle.   

2) Climate Fund projects create opportunities   

Your donation supports projects that offer new perspectives to the population in the areas covered by the projects. At the same time, you have the opportunity to make a significant contribution to a bright future and set a good example. 

3) Climate Fund projects empower people to self-help 

Our projects aim to empower people in the project regions to improve their living conditions through their own efforts. Educational activities play a central role in all projects. In this way, the projects also have an impact that extends beyond the actual duration of the project.

4) Climate Fund projects help the local population to withstand the consequences of climate change 

For example, tree plantations help to improve degraded soils and protect them from further erosion, to retain more water and to absorb carbon dioxide. They provide shade, which also improves growing conditions for other plants. And they provide valuable fruit as a basis for healthy nutrition and additional income

5) Climate fund projects contribute to food security

The food situation in many African countries has dramatically deteriorated as a result of the climate crisis. The pandemic and the war in Ukraine are leading to a further existential intensification. Many of our projects make a direct contribution to food security, for example by planting fruit trees or supporting agricultural initiatives.  

6) Climate Fund projects support African women on their way to equality

Women are specifically involved in all Climate Fund projects, and they play a central role in numerous projects. For example, fruit trees planted in Climate Fund projects are handed over to the management of women, who are traditionally responsible for cultivating the gardens and agricultural land. Training for and with women improves their skills, e.g. for agricultural production and the processing, storage and marketing of agricultural products and allows them to contribute to the family income. This strengthens the role of women in the family and in the society.  

7) Climate fund projects impact the future

Sustainability aspects play a central role in the selection and implementation of Climate Fund projects. For example, the fruit trees planted today will supply people in the project regions with fruit, bind carbon dioxide and strengthen the soil for many future decades. The skills taught in the projects will have an immediate influence on the future, and the children and young people involved in the projects will be the decision-makers of tomorrow. 

8) Climate fund projects are professionally guided and evaluated  

All Climate Fund projects are accompanied by professional project teams of African Naturefriends organizations and evaluated together with an international monitoring group with focus on the achievement of their goals. Our partnership approach enables cooperation at eye level, from which all participants benefit.  And we keep a close watch on how the projects continue to have an impact in the region even after the official end of the project. Many project regions are visited as part of  Naturefriends tours. This gives the travellers a personal impression of the project’s successes and gives the local population the opportunity to present the initiative from their point of view

9) Climate fund donations flow 100% into specific projects   

Unlike many other fundraising campaigns, 100% of the donations flow into the projects in the region – without any deduction for administrative or other costs. The administration of the Climate Fund is made possible by the contributions of our member associations and by voluntary commitment.  

10) Climate Fund projects contribute to a good future  

Your donation will not save the world. But it is a solidarity-based contribution to a good and equal future for all people – in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).