Our vision

With the Naturefriends Climate Fund we contribute to a (climate) juster world and support people in the Global South with partnership-based projects to adapt their lives as best as possible to the impacts of climate change and to make a contribution to climate protection themselves.  

At the same time, we offer all Naturefriends from the Global North the opportunity to make a solidarity-based contribution to more climate justice with a donation to the Climate Fund, 100% will benefit the people in the project regions in the Global South without deduction of administrative costs.  

This is how we take responsibility for our western lifestyle towards people in the Global South, who contribute far less to global greenhouse gas emissions but are much more affected by climate change.  

With the current information on the implementation of the Climate Fund projects and Naturefriends trips to the project regions, we offer interested Naturefriends members an insight into different living realities and create awareness of the impact of our behaviour on global developments.  

Our projects represent good practice for partnership-based, global cooperation at eye level, from which both sides benefit and which makes an important contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.