Climate justice as a gift

Donations to the Climate Fund are also ideal as meaningful gifts! 

With 25 euros you enable the planting of five fruit trees as well as the necessary care measures. The trees will be handed over to the care of families who will be accompanied by the project teams of the African  Naturefriends.  

A particularly sustainable gift is tree sponsorship with regular payments that allow for continued care of the project region, awareness raising measures and training for the population.  

We are also happy to issue a gift certificate that can be given to the person receiving the gift.  

There are many occasions for gifts to the Climate Fund:

A tree for Christmas  

Give a particularly sustainable Christmas tree that not only brings joy to the person receiving the gift, but also to the people in the project region!  

A tree for a birthday  

A loved one’s birthday is coming up and you don’t know what to give because the person may already have everything you can think of? Trees in Africa are a creative gift idea that many people will benefit from.  

A tree for a newborn 

Your gift of a tree is also a symbol of a bright future.  

A tree for a wedding  

Celebrate the start of married life together with a sustainable gift for the couple and for the planet!  

A tree in memory of a loved one  

With a Climate Fund donation, you can honour the life of a loved one and create a new perspective on life for people in the project region.  

Do you have more questions about Climate Fund gifts or would you like a gift certificate? 

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