Lighting up the village of Kpotomey – A solar-powered rural lighting project

Benin | Start of the project: March 2023

We are pleased to announce a new Climate Fund project, namely the ” Lighting up the village of Kpotomey, Benin. A solar-powered rural lighting project.”

The village of Kpotomey in the Sitatunga valley has 350 inhabitants and, with its three hamlets, a population of about 500. The village is not connected to the conventional electricity grid although it is only about 40 km from Cotonou, the capital. The community in this locality, therefore, continues to use oil lamps or consume wood for lighting.

At night, the village of Kpotomey is plunged into total darkness, which creates local insecurity.
The implementation of this community solar lighting project will not only limit the high consumption of fossil fuels and pollution of the Sitatunga Valley Community Nature Park but will also improve educational outcomes by providing lighted spaces for lesson review by village children attending school and by offering the possibility of a well-lit night market.

Martial K. Kouderin
Executive Director CREDI-ONG Benin

Your Climate Fund donation enables:

  • The purchase of five photovoltaic streetlamps
  • The installation of the lamps as well their maintenance
  • The sensitization of the local population on climate change and greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, and its consequences for people and nature.

The specific objective is to install five solar streetlamps for public lighting in the village of Kpotomey, the eco-village where CREDI-NGO, the lead organisation of the project and NFI C-member, is based.

The project itself is expected to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from the use of fossil fuels. Currently, night-time activities are constrained to using oil lamps, which in the long term has adverse effects on their health, such as respiratory diseases due to inhalation of the fumes generated by the combustion.

The streetlights will help with the energy transition and help people adapt to climate change.

Less need for firewood should also reduce deforestation and thus also soil erosion, which have massive negative impacts on biodiversity, the regional climate, the water balance and land use, but have not really been noticed by the population so far.

The public lighting with solar streetlights in the village of Kpotomey will be of great benefit to the village. The living conditions of the local population will be improved in many ways, especially regarding safety aspects and better educational opportunities, because the students will have more time to study in the evenings thanks to the better lighting.

With the solar streetlights, which will be equipped with an automatic switch on and off system, the market will also last longer. This will give the women of the village increased opportunities to sell their products.

Combined with awareness-raising activities, the introduction of solar lighting will reduce the pressure on natural resources, especially wood.

About our partner CREDI-ONG

In the field, CREDI-ONG has been working for 17 years in the areas of sustainable agriculture, environmental protection, nature conservation and global citizenship education. With a young and dynamic team of about twenty people, it works for a greener and bluer world where people live decently in harmony with nature.

Project Budget: 6.110 Euros

With your donation to the Naturefriends Climate Fund you can support this important project quickly and unbureaucratically!