Get involved now! Tree sponsorships in Senegal and The Gambia

Questions and answers on the new Climate Fund initiative

Why Naturefriends tree sponsorships?

Through tree sponsorships, we aim to ensure long-term support for participating families in rural communities in Senegal and The Gambia. Due to climate change, the climatic conditions in the project regions are becoming increasingly hostile with extreme heat and drought periods as well as occasional heavy rainfall and flooding, and erosion and degradation of the soil. As a result, not all young trees survive and an average of 30 per cent have to be replanted.

Tree sponsorships enable the villages to be visited regularly by the project team. Where necessary, trees are replanted, and the population is supported in caring for the trees. Awareness-raising activities on climate change and the importance of careful use of natural resources are carried out during each visit. Once the trees bear fruit, additional training on processing and selling the fruit is planned.

Regular payments are the basis for this continuous care and support, which ensure a sustainable improvement of the living situation in the project regions.

Become a fruit tree sponsor. What does it mean?

Tree sponsorships can be taken on by individuals as well as by Naturefriends groups. The amount of the payments is determined by the sponsors themselves. Even a monthly payment of 10 euros enables the planting of at least 40 fruit trees per year as well as the accompanying awareness-raising and training measures. The amount of the payments can be changed at any time. Payments can also be stopped at any time.

Why become a sponsor?

We have gathered here 10 reasons why we need you:

This is a long-term project of the Naturefriends International Network, with which we want to actively support our African Naturefriends in these difficult times and set a sign of international solidarity and climate justice.

Who benefits from the donations?

Families from selected villages in Senegal and The Gambia benefit directly from the donations. The trees are handed over to them, with the women playing a central role. They are traditionally responsible for gardening and are our partners in the project. Tree sponsorships help to strengthen their role in their families and in the local communities, e.g. by harvesting tasty fruit and learning about tree care, healthy nutrition and fruit processing and marketing.

During her last trip to Senegal in February 2023, our Africa referent Ingeborg Pint, together with NFI Vice President Mamadou Mbodji, who coordinates the project, spoke to women in the project regions about the importance of fruit trees in their lives:

How do you spend the money from my contribution?

Climate fund donations flow 100% into specific projects. In contrast to many other fundraising campaigns, the donations are used entirely for the implementation of the projects in African countries – WITHOUT DEDUCTION for administrative or other costs. The administration of the Climate Fund is made possible by the contributions of our member associations and by voluntary commitment.

Since the launch of the Climate Fund in 2017, every euro donated has been used on the ground: to raise seedlings, plant trees, train local communities to protect forests in the long term, develop improved stoves to curb wood consumption or build a storage hall for agricultural products. All projects are documented on our website:

How can I be sure that my money goes to the right place?

Our finances are audited annually by our Control Commission, which is elected by the NFI Congress, and by an external auditor who is responsible for our financial statements. This ensures that Climate Fund donations are accurately documented from the time they are received in our account to the time they are used for action on the ground.

From which country can I donate?

Donations are possible from all countries. In certain countries, donations are also tax deductible. You can find more information about donations on our website:

What do I get as a Sponsor?

All tree sponsors will receive a sponsorship certificate. The first 10 persons/groups to sponsor a tree will also receive a small surprise gift from Senegal. And of course, we provide regular reports in our newsletter and on the Climate Fund website about the use of donations and the progress of the project. If you are interested in even more detailed information, please feel free to contact our office

With your donation to the Naturefriends Climate Fund you can support this important project quickly and unbureaucratically!