1 Euro for Climate Justice

Climate change affects all of humanity. People in the Global South, who contribute the least to global greenhouse gas emissions, are affected the most. With our “1 Euro for Climate Justice” campaign, we are inviting all Naturefriends from wealthy countries to make a substantial contribution to greater climate justice, regardless of their financial means.

Our vision: Every Naturefriends member from the Global North donates 1 euro per year to the Naturefriends Climate Fund. These donations finance African Naturefriends projects that counteract the consequences of climate change and improve the living conditions of the population.

In this way, we want to set a strong example of the importance of community initiatives in tackling the consequences of climate change and send a signal of international solidarity.

Every euro donated finances climate fund projects that are carefully selected and monitored by a steering group made up of representatives from NFI member organisations. NFI forwards 100% of the donations, without deducting administrative costs, to African Naturefriends organisations, whose project teams implement the projects together with the local population.

We are now looking for Naturefriends local groups to set a good example and agree to donate 1 euro per member per year to the Climate Fund. At the same time, we are asking all local groups to support us in making our joint commitment to climate justice visible: whether through reports in the social media, events, or your own creative initiatives – together we can bring the issue of climate justice to the fore and move closer to our vision of a climate-friendly future.

You can find out more about the current climate fund project here.

The criteria and principles of the Climate Fund are explained in detail here.

For questions and further information, please contact: elena.teutsch@nf-int.org


With your donation to the Naturefriends Climate Fund you can support this important project quickly and unbureaucratically!